Capecit Forte Review: Immensely Unpopular Sildenafil from Obscure Peruvian Company

Capecit Forte Review

Brand: Capecit Forte

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC 

Country of Manufacture: Peru

Capecit Forte Tablets Image

Review and Description

Capecit forte 100 milligrams tablets in film coating are among the growing collection of regular sildenafil medicines presented in tablet, capsules and other forms and which are manufactured to serve the same purpose as brand Viagra: Remediating erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. Capecit forte tablets utilize Sildenafil citrate as the major pharmacological agent. This pharmacological ingredient acts so that penile smooth muscles do not contract and follows that up with widening the blood vessels so that blood flows in rapidly. It is Sildenafil citrate that inhibits the activity of cGMP-specific PDE5 which is usually involved in disintegrating cyclic guanosine monophosphate. As soon as PDE5 is stopped, cGMP can then induce relaxed smooth muscle in the cavernosum – a state it follows up by inducing vasodilation so that blood flows in rapidly. Rapid blood flow creates stronger erections that last longer.

Capecit forte is produced by Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC, a generic pharmaceutical enterprise in Peru. We sought to learn as much as we possibly could about this Peruvian enterprise but could not get any insight into the company profile which almost always leads to online vendors supplying the drug and customer reviews. Typing Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC in a search engine of your choice will provide you with no links to a website of the same name. The first search result is almost always Natural Peru and the rest are as unrelated to generic medicine as they are to Capecit forte sildenafil. This is the case as of writing.

Customer Reviews

In addition to the missing company profile of Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC, we unsurprisingly failed to obtain even one consumer review of Capecit Forte 100 milligrams film-coated tablets. Both the company profile and reliable consumer reviews are indices that are essential for most generic medication consumers when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy a given medicine. It is very rare, in this information age, to come back with no information about either the manufacturers or the consumers. It is a telling oversight and this oversight should rightly plant skepticism about the usefulness of the drug. We unequivocally urge customers looking for Sildenafil to acquaint themselves with other preparations by trustworthy manufacturers.

Pricing and Dosage

Natural and Generic Laboratories’ refusal to embrace information technology goes beyond just company profile and customer reviews. It extends to information about the price. This too is unavailable online. You would think they would at least make the price known. We usually attach screen grabs of lists of the prices for which different amounts of pills are sold. We are not able to do that here. As far as dosage goes we learned they recommend Capecit forte to be taken once a day from a Spanish-language review.

How to Buy Capecit Forte Online

If the unavailability of either a company profile or consumer reviews and lack of pricing information did not already tell you all you need to know, we are going to add that as of writing, Capecit forte 100 milligrams tablets coated in film, cannot be purchased online. Our guess is anyone who is interested will have to trace the physical location of Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC in Peru. We are normally able to point readers to trusted online generic pharmacies as well as provide them with the relevant shipping information.

How to Use

From the singular Spanish-language review we were able to learn how to use the medication. Capecit forte therapy should be delivered orally with the use of plain water. It shouldn’t be taken by patients who suffer from pulmonary arterial hypertension. Take the 100mg tablets intact rather than broken as that could negatively impact efficacy. Shun meals rich in fat and refrain from alcohol use or grapefruit intake following or before Capecit ingestion as these could negatively impact absorption. Start treatment with 25 mg and adjust up to 50mg or 100mg according to toleration and efficacy. Keep away from children.

Side Effects

Hives, dizziness, dyspepsia, unusual vision, rash, back pain, drowsiness, flushing and headaches are among the most commonly observed adverse effects which have benign manifestations. The less benign side reactions which can happen due to overdose or simple allergic reaction include swelling of the lips, hands, face or feet and shortness of breath. These latter symptoms that ought to be reported to a doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

The one-hundred milligrams film-coated tablet preparations of Capecit forte were no doubt intended as affordable and effective generic sildenafil preparations, for ED patients primarily in Peru, for whom it would not make much economic sense to invest in Viagra. Having said that, in the course of writing this review we have only been able to report one negative point after another with regard to the usual aspects we cover in medicine reviews. From company information and consumer reviews to prices and online availability, we were shocked at how little the information we were able to gather was. We could not pinpoint the exact location of Natural and Generic Laboratories SAC in Peru, and got no clues as to the scale of the company’s operations. Obscure is an understatement. There are no consumer reviews to report and similarly no indications about the price for which it is sold. We don’t know whether to chalk it up to some expired internet domain names, budget constraints or just plain reluctance to use information technology. Whatever issues they are facing have rendered Capecit forte sildenafil immensely unpopular. We can only give Capecit forte sildenafil 1 of five stars. We would have rated it lower if we could. Try popular alternatives.

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