Degra Tablet Review: ED Brand too Expensive for a Generic

Degra Tablet Review

Brand: Degra Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer:         DEVA Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: Istanbul, Turkey

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Review and Description

Degra Tablet is a sildenafil powered pill that has all the advantages and properties of Viagra, a pill that can transform the sexual life of men who fail to get an erection or sexual penetration. Sildenafil is known to help at least in 80 percent of such cases, whatever be the cause of failed erection. Male penis is a spongy tissue that has to be filled by blood to get erected, and sildenafil facilitates this process by blocking the PDE5 enzyme. It also helps men to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation by helping them to recover quickly and have multiple acts of sex during the night.

A Turkish company called Deva Pharmaceuticals makes this tablet. Deva Pharmaceutical is a corporation that was established in 1958 in Turkey. Thus, it is a company with lots of experience in manufacturing medicines for humans, as well as drugs for veterinary use. Today it manufactures more than 400 brands. It has 3 factories inside the Turkey, and it exports its products to almost all the European countries. Thus, its facilities follow the EU GMP standard in the manufacturing of goods. To make the long story short, we can confidently say that this is a company with a history of producing quality medicines, a company that has enough international exposure that it understands what the needs of medicinal products in various nations are.

Degra is good quality Viagra. It has been more or less well received and reviewed by the users. Thus, one of the user Peter Lonnie of US says “I am Viagra user since 2001, Viagra saved my sexual life and I would not change it with any other pill. I have heard about Cialis and Levitra, but I think that I will stick with Viagra because it really works.”

Impotence is often the symptom of other health conditions like diabetes, a disease characterized by weakening of the blood vessels. Viagra or Degra is helpful in all such cases. Thus, James from Australia states “My husband has been diabetic for 24 years. He is 52. He started having problems maintaining an erection so his doctor put him on the 50 mg Viagra pill and I must say Viagra works. We can go for hours now. Our love life has never been better.”

Pricing and Dosage

Pricing and Dosage

Degra is well known as another Viagra. Thus, it is used in the same dose of 50 or 100 mg taken once, just 60 minutes before the coitus. Degra is a good quality, but not a very affordable option. With the price of single pill exceeding 9 USD, it is equally expensive as original Viagra. Thus, the high price of this pill, to some extent diminishes the benefits that are expected from generic like Degra. As the experience shows, the price is the most important reason for people to look for generics of Viagra on online shops.

How to Buy Degra Tablet Online

How to Buy Degra Tablet Online

Degra is not a very famous brand, but still, a product that is can be more or less easily bought on various famous online pharmacies. As already mentioned that the biggest thing that goes against this product is its high costs. On low volume order, a single pill would cost more than 9 USD which is too expensive for a generic, but there is good news, one can expect huge discounts on larger orders and price of the single pill may fall well below 4 USD. Moreover, most of the good suppliers would usually ship the product for free to most destinations.

Degra is available only as a pill, that works best when gulped with a small quantity of water about an hour or half before making love to your partner. Originally it was recommended to start the treatment with 50 mg, but recent research is more supportive of 100 mg once a day before copulation as an ideal and most effective dose. People who start with 100 mg are quick to get the benefit and thus, results in higher satisfaction with treatment.

Mild headaches, blocked nose, dizziness are some of the side effects that are commonly reported with this drug. These unwanted effects are usually short lived, very few men in the practical report of discontinuation of therapy due to them. Most men say that the benefits which they feel from Viagra exceed many times these small problems.

Degra is generic of Viagra used for symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. This product also helps to improve sexual stamina; it decreases the time needed to recuperate sexual power after sex. Men taking Degra often report of having multiple acts of sex after taking the pill. It improves not only the psychological well being of men but also their sexual partners.

Our initial impression about Degra has been excellent. A product made by a company of status and history. Deva Pharmaceuticals is acknowledged well in Turkey, and various European agencies approve its factories. However, still, we cannot rate this product very high. As the primary reason for choosing generic is the cost, it is the parameter where Degra did not do well. It is a pill that is as expensive as original Viagra. Thus, the question arises, why would anyone buy a generic and not an innovator product like Viagra? Thus, against our will, we were forced to give this product just a 2-star rating meaning it is a good product, but too expensive a thing for a generic.

Sildenafil is a safe drug, but still, it would be sensible for anyone thinking to start taking it to consult a GP.

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