How Sweating Hands Could Affect Your Life

Sweaty palms, or palmar hyperhidrosis, is a condition that is not new to us. Most probably, many people have this and are suffering from this in their everyday lives. Most often than not, sufferers tend to ignore this, belittling the effects it may have on them, but little do they know that it may seriously have a great impact in their lives. Sweating hands may not be a life-threatening condition, but this will greatly affect your social and occupational life, including your quality of life in general.

Sweating of the hands is usually seen in anxious people. Whenever anxiety sets in, it triggers the nervous system, specifically the sympathetic nervous system, that will indirectly stimulate the sweat glands in your face, axilla, feet, and most commonly, palms. This is the normal picture, just like when you are asked to recite in front of the class about something you really don’t know. Having palmar hyperhidrosis is having sweaty palms even outside of this scenario; they experience it most of the times.

As a matter of fact, sweaty palms may affect your self-esteem. Did you have those times when you need to hold onto someone but then you hesitated because of your sweaty palms? Or worse, had anyone held your hands and suddenly commented about your sweaty palms? Couples may also be indirectly affected by this condition. The most obvious and popular way of announcing to the world that he/she is only yours is by the way of “holding hands”. How could you hold the hands of your loved ones when you know your palms are sweaty? It could also be socially embarassing as sweating of the hands usually accompanies shaking.

Palmar hyperhidrosis could also affect your occupational life. Most of the times, you will be having problems writing as you never fail to soil the paper you are writing in. You may also hesitate onto holding things because it might easily slip in your grasp. The books you may be needing to read are already soiled before you even finish reading the whole page.

Having sweaty palms is something that needs to be attended to. If it affects you socially and occupationally, then better seek the help of medical experts. If it does not affect you, better treat it before it get worse. Often, topical antiperspirants are given to resolve the problem, but its effectiveness maybe occasional. Symphatectomy, a surgical procedure wherein the nerves responsible for the palmar hydrosis will be cut off, could also be an option.

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