Trusted Tablets Review: Provider of More Than a Decade of Excellent Service and Quality Generic Medicines

Trusted Tablets s a website that has been in the business of online pharmacy for more than a decade. They started in 2006. Their goal is to make medicines more affordable and available to everyone and to do this, they secured the different popular generic medicines from India. Among these medicines are ED drugs, pain reliever medicines, high blood drugs, and drugs to lower cholesterol.

All drugs offered by Trusted Tablets are compliant with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. Trusted Tablets say that they can guarantee the safety of these medicines and they assure their customers that these are made from safe raw materials. Aside from asking for a prescription from their customers, Trusted Tablets also advises its customers to talk to a doctor first before taking any medicine.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

Trusted Tablets is a popular network of internet pharmacies that offer popular medicines. They also offer it at a very low price. Some think that they are a scam so we decided to do a further research about Trusted Tablets and its chain of internet drugstores. One way to find more about them is by reading their customer reviews.

Trusted Tablets Customer Reviews

We decided to pick three of the many customer reviews of Trusted Tablets e-stores. The first one was shared by Mark and here’s what he shared:

  • He received his free pills
  • He received his order on time
  • His experience with their support team was wonderful
  • They gave him a follow up about his order

As for Stewart, here’s what he got to say:

  • His date was happy with the effect of the medicine he ordered
  • He received his order in good condition
  • The medicines he ordered were affordable

For the last review shared by Glenn, here’s his story:

  • He received highly effective medicines from Trusted Tablets
  • The generic Viagra he ordered were great
  • He is willing to try ordering again from Trusted Tablets

These three customer reviews summarize everything that we are looking for on an internet drugstore – reliability, quick service, and good product.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets Site Design

For 12 years, Trusted Tablets have been sending medicines from India. They ship their products via EMS and Airmail. EMS shipping costs $25 while Airmail costs $10. The difference in the delivery time is more than 2 weeks as Airmails takes up to 21 days and EMS takes only up to 8 days. Before you process your order and your payment, make sure to choose the delivery method that will work for you. Remember that the expected time of delivery (8 days for EMS) starts once the order has been shipped and not when you placed the order. After you place the order, it will take 1-2 business days for the processing and packing before your order goes out for delivery.

Once processed, you have 24 hours to call if you want to cancel your order. Missing or lost orders must be reported immediately so the support team can check if they are indeed lost or just gotten hold by customs. For undelivered orders due to incorrect address provided by you (customer), Trusted Tablets will not shoulder the reshipping. Free reshipping is possible if the error is on the side of Trusted Tablets or its partner courier.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

This is their way of calling the attention of potential customers. According to surveys, people who are able to use coupon codes have a higher chance of ordering than people who can’t use any coupon code. Still, Trusted Tablets believe that they don’t need to use a coupon code to win a customer. What they offer at the moment are perks that all of their customers can take advantage of.

Trusted Tablets Freebies and Perks

Trusted Tablets e-stores offer free pills on all orders. Customers who will order at least 20 tablets of any ED medicine will get four additional pills free. Customers who will order at least 60 ED pills will get 100 pills free and customers who will order at least 100 ED pills will get 20 more free of charge.

Another perk of using Trusted Tablets is free shipping. If your order is worth $150, you can have your order delivered free.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Most customers would like to ask a question before buying. We do. If an online pharmacy has a phone support team, their chance of getting a new customer is higher as compared to those who do not have a support team.

Trusted Tablets Pharmacy Contact Number

For Trusted Tablets, you can call these numbers if you have queries – 800 532 4808 and 718 475 9088 for US customers and 203 011 0241 for UK customers.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

If you are afraid to make online purchases because you don’t want your number or email address to be exposed, Trusted Tablets have you covered. All Trusted Tablets websites are using an encryption to ensure that your private information remains confidential. All information provided on this website are kept private and are not sold to marketers or third-party websites.


With thousands of online pharmacies operating on the web today, it is impossible to survive and stay in the competition if you are doing something shady. Trusted Tablets knew this hence they want to be transparent in everything they do. They want their customers to be safe as well when taking their medicines. Trusted Tablets network of online pharmacies knew that having happy customers is the only way to survive and they can do this by giving their customers affordable and effective medicines. For their consistent service, we are awarding a five-star rating to Trusted Tablets and its chain of internet pharmacies.

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